Frequently asked questions

Do I need a reservation?

Is required。But is the day of booking OK if Afternoon、We are allowed to refuse at the time of congestion。Please make a reservation at this After two days ago can。
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When the collection time wa で su ka

半日ツアー(午前8時30分午後13時30分) 一日ツアー(午前8時30分)






Is not it difficult?


Do not tip over?


ませんツアー中は安全第一をモットーにご案内させて頂きます 万一ひっくり


But I can not swim?

Since customers will be asked to wear a life jacket always、It does not have to be or drowning。

Can I snorkel。

Yes。You can of course。You can enjoy all of the tour。

Body do you get wet?

On the day, please join the premise that the whole body is wet。

But, confident physical ni は Full で す But, starting it?

Sea kayaking is not able to or expired breath even paddling a few kilometers if the sea is calm。Ideas and the extent to ride for a walk or bicycle、Slowly at your own pace、It is fine if you at a leisurely paddle。During the tour will continue in accordance with the person who does not have the most physical strength。I slowly、I like to relax、Earnestly Please do not Ika leave me。

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