Change of clothes in the simple tent。。。

* The day before、Available upon reservation the day。Please do not hesitate to contact。There is no cancellation fee at all。

* I will pick-up in Atami city of hotels and free if Atami Station。

* You can take a shower at "Onsen Minshuku Fujima" after the tour.。

When used by one person、Tour fee + additional fee 300 yenPlease note that you will need。

*集合場所 766 Kamitaga, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture



28 Jul 2021



A friend I met in Australia for the first time in a long time

Came to see me。

Life in Bundaberg was awesome。


12 Sep 2020



The customer dived hard and took a picture。

Very cute。Boxfish photo。


22 Jul 2020


Good friends

Long time、We were swimming together for a long time。I will come to Atami again soon。

It seems that they will come to see the fireworks display。


22 Nov 2019


Sunrise tour

It is worth to participate but the early morning。

Since seen is so beautiful scenery。