Sea kayaking and

Analogy in a word is a vehicle such as the "sea of ​​bicycles"。nepandaanime

Even children's 6-year-old easily you can row a sea kayak。
Advance direction will continue to take the helm while pressing the right, left the pedal in the foot。

When out rowing sea kayaking horizontal lines appear to spread to the blue transparent in front of the eye、We will proceed to slide surprisingly fast breeze and the sea。The clean sea such that it appears to the bottom、It is like likely to cause even the illusion of floating in the sky。

If the experience of spend on the sea、The body is integrated with nature、I think that it be healed both physically and mentally。

You might anxiety is、Why not to try a little courage? It is sure to enjoy a sense of accomplishment that does not say anything is after the tour is over。

Best is good feelings。
...... feeling the pleasant sea breeze and the smell。