Information on meeting place [Atami]



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Monthly parking lot
766 Kamitaga, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Drive from the meeting place to the starting point。When you arrive at the starting point、A beautiful blue sea spreads out in front of you。

After the tour, you can take a shower at "Onsen Minshuku Fujima"。When using、Separately 300 yen (per person)Please note that you will need。

how to access

Shinkansen KodamaUsing
Tokyo - Atami 55 points / Nagoya - Atami a time 45 minutes / New Osaka - Atami 3 times

Limited Express OdorikoUsing
Tokyo - network on behalf of a time 45 minutes

From Atami StationIto LineUsing
Atami - Izu network on behalf of 12 points

From Atami StationbusUsing
Atami - 20 points Nagahama beach

own carIf you come by
[From Tokyo area]
From Tomei Expressway Atsugi Interchange、Via Odawara-Atsugi Road、Via Manazuru Road / Atami、About 1 hour and 20 minutes

[From the Kansai area]
From Tomei Numazu Interchange、Via Mishima、Approximately 1 hour via Atami using the Netsuhako Road