Frequently asked questions

Do I need a reservation?

Is required。But is the day of booking OK if Afternoon、We are allowed to refuse at the time of congestion。Please make a reservation at this After two days ago can。
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How cancellation of bad weather happens?

Determined that the bad weather (danger)、Cancellation fee you do not get at all at the time of discontinuation of tour。

What happens in the case of bad weather?

Whether or not to abort、On the day of the morning、I judge。In the case of discontinuation will be happy to call you in the morning time。Also、High winds、There is also a will to change or shorten the course by weather conditions such as high waves。

Can I join any one person?

of course。You can participate from one person。By giving you a feel for participating in the tour also I think that I can be new friends。Please join without having to refrain from。

Is there a toilet?

There is no public toilet If the ball lands in sea。There is no toilet after landing。In that case, please understand that it may be hope in the shadows that do not stay with people。Toilets are it is desirable to go before departure。

The women the で though real man で su ka?

Please be assured。Many of our customers are women who。Such as the gender of the handy there is no。It may be rather advantageous for women。In the case of women、Although muscle strength is inferior than men、Is good like the rowing grabbed pace yourself。Do you know instinctively how to enjoy。Excellent sensitivity、Even you will be feel muscularity sometimes over men。

But, confident physical ni は Full で す But, starting it?

Sea kayaking is not able to or expired breath even paddling a few kilometers if the sea is calm。Ideas and the extent to ride for a walk or bicycle、Slowly at your own pace、It is fine if you at a leisurely paddle。During the tour will continue in accordance with the person who does not have the most physical strength。I slowly、I like to relax、Earnestly Please do not Ika leave me。

Body do you get wet?

On the day, please join the premise that the whole body is wet。

Can I snorkel。

Yes。You can of course。You can enjoy all of the tour。

But I can not swim?

Since customers will be asked to wear a life jacket always、It does not have to be or drowning。

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